Siblings Paolo and Ginny founded the Orocéo Castro brand in the spring of 2015 in Melbourne, Australia. Named after their mother’s maiden name and father’s last name, the brand set out to introduce a unique aesthetic to the Melbourne fashion scene. Having hailed from the Philippines, Paolo and Ginny both have an innate sense of exuberance. Living in Perth has instilled a sense of laid back chic in them and since calling Melbourne ‘home,’ the siblings developed an interest for pushing artistic boundaries. Since they were young, the siblings have always liked to see and to be surrounded by things that are beautiful and interesting. They are inspired by a plethora of things like their travels, art, architecture and music. All of these have influenced the way they design and make garments and accessories. 

The Orocéo Castro woman is ladylike, feminine and always polished. She is quietly confident and she stands out effortlessly and gracefully from the crowd.