Our first collection is an ode to our cultural roots. 'Kundiman' is a Filipino musical genre that is characterised by love songs that express an intense need to love and be loved by someone. Unrequited love is a recurring theme in these love songs and this, specifically, is what we wanted to capture in our designs. Soft frills are juxtaposed with the ‘coldness’ of black and white. Stark prints are used with feminine and soft cuts. Also a hand stitching detail was employed to hold different parts of some of the garments together to represent the fragility a person can feel when they are deeply in love with someone. The Kundiman collection was also partly inspired by portrait paintings of the Dutch Golden Era, which featured a lot of chiaroscuro, which is basically the interaction of light and shadows, thus the monochromatic colour palette as well as the modest necklines.
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