SS 21/22 'TEHANI'

/Tay-HA-nee/ Inspired by and named after the Orocéo Castro matriarch, 'TEHANI' is a joyful celebration of colour, zest and style. Our mum introduced us to the concept of unconditional love and taught us to always find and discover beauty in everyone and everything. Every piece in this collection is a representation of her warm embrace, reassuring words and pearls of wisdom that shaped us into who we are right now. 


'TEHANI' in Tahitian means 'the darling.' The prints in this collection reflect the beauty of the Tahitian flora and people, with its vibrant hues, stunning flowers and  striking palm fronds. Finally, as with all of our past collections, TEHANI exalts the strength of femininity. Ample of doses of soft curves and fluid lines characterise its silhouettes. Delicate fabrics are paired with frills and pastels resulting in dreamy pieces perfect for holiday dressing. 


Celebrate life. Celebrate love. Celebrate beauty. 





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